Xiaomi Service Center is officially present in this city! : Website4

 Xiaomi Service Center is officially present in this city!

Xiaomi  service center  is certainly the most sought after place for you if it turns out that the product is damaged.   The Xiaomi brand  was known from a wide circle and even penetrated all regions in Indonesia. One of the reasons is that it provides a price that can be said to be cheap but provides the best specifications.


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The largest smartphone brand in Indonesia that now dominates the market despite being present more recently than other competitors. The success of one of the companies from China is influenced by many factors, one of which is the price problem.   They provide affordable prices so that all people can shop easily without barriers.

For MI users, of course, you’re curious about the existence of service centers when mobile phones are having problems in certain sectors. Take it easy because all users will get a guarantee of convenience when served directly by official employees.   As a large company, customers will be given the convenience of finding an authorized service center.

The existence of the Xiaomi service center provides many benefits to all customers, one of which is that they are all guaranteed to be safe.   The guarantee of obtaining a guarantee is provided directly because consumers are treated by professional employees.   Even in performing the service, it can be waited before your eyes without having to worry about components being replaced using other items.

For those of you who want to get the best service from Xiaomi, of course we will provide the following discussion.   Here it has summarized several regions that already have customer service features so they can visit them directly.   Without further ado, just look at the following explanation until you finish to understand.

Abodetabtab you Regional Official Centre Service

Good news for those of you who live in the area abodetab you because xiaomi service center is close to customers.   Customers can easily go to the official stores directly without having to leave the house away, you know.   Jakarta as the country’s capital provides several special places as service centers.

Located precisely in the ITC Cempaka Mas, Ruko Niaga Roxy Mas, ITC Fatmawati, Grand ITC Permata Hijau, for the PGC Building. All these places provide services if customers have problems with the products being used so far. Of course, as a mobility hub, Jakarta has the most stores compared to others.

Then the Bogor area can go to the center of the Xiaomi Pajajaran service, so it is also available at the Bogor Trade Mall. For the people of Bogor, there is no need to leave town to find an official service place coming from an MI subsidiary directly.   Problem management is done with professionalism according to the procedure.

Depok is  the center of the next  Xiaomi service  with services such as others located in Depok Town Square. In addition, the city of Banten also has several stores, including those that can be found through the Prima Gelri Phone Shop, then Unicom Care Lippo Karawaci, for the Tangerang Exclusive Service Center.

Continuing to penetrate further east makes Bekasi rich in central service locations starting at Unicom Bekasi. Then there’s another one in Mega Bekasi Hypermart, Korcell Store, to the very end of Tristar Pondok Gede. Do not waste the presence of the service if you want to get quick repairs without any fake items.

 Xiaomi Service Centers Spread Across Java Island

If it is explained one by one, it will take a long time, we will give several cities including starting from Bandung. In addition to Bandung, there are also official services in Cianjur, Cirebon, Karawang, Purwakarta, Tasikmalaya, to Sukabumi. Having a place to live around West Java benefits yourself because of the many official stores.

In addition, Central Java is also available, including the cities of Brebes, Kudus, Pati, Purwokerto, to Semarang as the provincial capital. Not to forget, in the lower zone there is Solo who engages with Magelang with the availability of central services.  Then Tegal, Cilacap, Pekalongan, and Salatiga also provide customer service.

Along East Java, there are many  Xiaomi service centers, one of which is Jember, Kediri, Banyuwangi, Lumajang, Malang, Madiun, and Surabaya. All these big cities have been supported directly through central companies in Jakarta to provide services to customers. Even the presence of trusted services is always open every day, you know.

The island of Sumatra was also presented an official repair site by the parent company, even in Kalimantan, Sulawesi, to Bali. The main function is to provide services to all customers from damage to consultation.   Considering that the number of users of this HP brand has only reached tens of millions in the country.

Given the existence of these central services, there are many and automatically provide convenience for all consumers to find them. There is no loss until you come directly to the place so that all problems can be easily solved. Next, you need to know the difference between the officer and the fake post.

The Difference Between the Quality of Official and Other Stores

As a loyal user, you’ll want to know the significant difference that exists between the presence of a service center compared to external services. The first is the issue of spare parts, for which the whole component is always available. How does it come? Because the goods are taken directly by the official through the company so that all components are guaranteed to be original.

Xiaomi  service center  warranties have been proven to provide repairs for all damage using original components.   Even if you want you not to run out of items, it is better to pre-order so that later you will have the product as you wish.   If you are forced to run out, the items will be picked up to other nearby stores in a fast time.

Then for the processing time it is guaranteed to be fast without spending a long time so that customers become more comfortable.  Because the goods use original products, of course, if they are damaged quite badly, it will take a week. No more than about 8 weeks after logging into the mobile phone or other electronics in the Xiaomi service.

Despite this, if it turns out that the obstacle is quite light, it can be overcome in less than an hour. Relax, even if the job is up to weeks but it is certain that the product you have is still safe. All components return to normal after the completion of the repair process without having to worry about previous damage again .

Providing Direct Warranties to Customers

Xiaomi  service center  also provides a guarantee according to the company’s core policies, this serves to help customers make a profit.   Any available guarantees may be requested according to what has been previously repaired.   For example, the camera was repaired but was damaged again, still given the opportunity to request the warranty directly.

The last benefit of using mi Center should be served using a professional workforce. Because during the recruitment process, all officials are required to be able to meet the criteria according to a certain company. Don’t be anxious if you are still completing the repair process because it is treated directly by reliable employees in their respective fields.

Officials are required to be able to control services and various types of information about gadgets and similar electronic objects. So that without the need for the assistance of other parties, an official remains guaranteed to repair the damage to the product smoothly.  While the management is working, the user can simply wait until it is completed or they can while chatting randomly.

For those of you who need the nearest service, you can contact the head office via number 0800-1-401558. You can ask something about products produced by the Xiaomi brand  without any restriction and free of charge. If damage occurs, immediately visit the Xiaomi service center  to get the treatment quickly so that it does not get worse.