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Delicious and simple West Java Chicken Peps recipe

Chicken Pepe is one of the typical West Java cuisines that is delicious and rich in benefits, so if you want it you need to know the recipe for typical chicken pepes from West Java so that the taste is delicious and the results are satisfying, see this article to the end.

West Java never ends with its own cuisine, one of Pepe’s popular ones is chicken. The combination of chicken and delicious yellow spices makes  the taste of these processed pepes have their own characteristics  in addition to chicken, those that make it to a fish rod as well.

Thanks to its processing using the steam method, the nutrients in the chicken will not be lost so that the benefits will be highly pronounced for your body. However, before continuing to make recipes for typical chicken pepes from West Java, first know the content of the chicken benefits for your body .

Advantages of using chicken as a processed pepe

Pepe is a processed food that is much loved by all circles. There are many preparations that you can find in these pepes using foreign fish, macerate fish, small fish, to chicken. However, because of the discussion of the recipe for conventional chicken pepes    from West Java, let’s explore its benefits for body health  .

  1. It is useful for metabolism.

Chicken is a food ingredient rich in benefits for the body. With the content of chicken meat B6 is very useful for setting up metabolism. So when eating these pepes you don’t have to worry about getting fat.

  1. Normalizes blood pressure.

The presence of high vitamin B3 from this dietary ingredient has good benefits for the body, one of which is that it is beneficial for making bad cholesterol levels decrease. So for people with high blood pressure chicken pepes is very safe to consume.

  1. Maintain bone health.

The high content of minerals such as fasphore and calcium from processed foods from West Java is very good for bone health. For those of you who experience problems with processed bones, this is very convenient to maintain bone health so that it remains in good condition.

  1. High levels of protein are good for muscles.

Protein is an essential nutrient for the human body. Well, this chicken is a food ingredient with a very high protein content. This amount of protein is very good for the body because it can increase muscle mass well.

In addition, there are actually many more benefits than this preparation such as being useful for losing weight, overcoming anemia and much more. Well, after knowing the benefits, it’s time to go to the stage of making it using  the West Java chicken pepes recipe.

Simple West Java Chicken Peps Recipe

Chicken Pepe is a process of West Java that is very easy to make. Combining tender meat with yellow teddy creates a unique taste. In addition to its delicious taste, this process also has good benefits for the body.

Pepe is a complete package because behind the taste there are also benefits for the body. Well, if you’re interested in making it,  here’s a recipe for West Javan peppers for 3 servings that you can try at home easily  .

Ingredients to be prepared:

  1. Three chicken pieces
  2. Half lime fruit
  3. ・1/2 tablespoon coconut oil
  4. Plantin leaves to taste.
  5. The teeth match the needs.
  6. A bunch of games.
  7. 4 Shoot the leek slices.
  8. 3 Lemon sticks are now the first gap.
  9. Galangal to taste.
  10. Roman eggplant

Spices to wrap together:

  1. Six seeds of hair, as well as six garlic cloves.
  2. One teaspoon of esque.
  3. Eight seeds of toasted walnuts.
  4. Sugar and salt to taste.
  5. Two ginger cloves.
  6. Enough turtles.

How it was made:

The first step you have to do, of course, is to clean the chicken first and then smear it with pressed orange. Afterwards, mix the fine spices and half a tablespoon of cooking oil until evenly distributed. Let stand for 1 hour until the spices are soaked into chicken meat.

The last step is to wrap chicken as well as complementary ingredients such as ribbons, leeks, lemons, galangals and Roman eggplant with banana leaves. After wrapping, strengthen the packet using leech and then steam for up to 30 minutes until the meat is more crisp. Next, bake until banana leaves are dried and chickpeas can be enjoyed.

Pepe is not the perfect chicken if not associated with Lyvette Rice

To make the typical West Javanian nuances more pronounced, you can make liwet rice as a companion to the West  Java chicken pepes recipe. Lyot rice is a processed rice that tastes delicious and delicious usually produced using a traditional fireplace but this time let’s make it using a rice cushion.

Making rice using kokar rice will be faster and save time compared to cooking rice using a traditional fireplace. Here’s an example of Pepe Sotheney Lyot rice that you can try at home easily.

Ingredients for preparation:

  1. Rice if needed.
  2. Two stems of lemon.
  3. Two pieces of bay leaves.
  4. Five cloves of hair as well as three garlic cloves.
  5. Two big chili peppers.
  6. Salt to taste.
  7. It’s powdered for you to taste.

Production Mode:

The first step you have to do is of course to wash the rice thoroughly, immediately there is dirt from the left rice. After cutting the piz, garlic, as well as hot peppers. Next, fry the sap, chili, lemon and bay leaves until it emits the aroma.

The next step is to put the rice in the rice cushion and add enough water. Don’t forget to put the spices that have already been fried and add salt and powdered boil to the taste. After that, just turn on the rice cushion and wait until it has to be cooked and you can enjoy the typical Sundanese liwet rice.

Double Dadk Supplemental Recipe Eating Peps

When you eat at a regular Sundan restaurant, Dadak Ensemble should be provided to add to the taste of the food. In addition to being tastier and more practical, Dadak Symbol is very convenient to combine with the West Java chicken pepe recipe.

Making this dudak chilli sauce is very useful for maintaining freshness in chilli sauce as fresh ingredients are directly used as chilli sauce. Well, for it’s also very easy, here’s a recipe for Dadak Ensemble that you can try at home easily.

Ingredients to be prepared:

  1. Three seeds of hair.
  2. Five red pepper flakes are large.
  3. One teaspoon of pre-burnt shrimp paste.
  4. Five pieces of chili
  5. 1 teaspoon salt.
  6. A piece of brown sugar.
  7. A fresh Roman eggplant is now in cubes.

How it was made:

For how easy it is, you just need to grind the top ingredients using a blender or blender. To add more to the delicious taste you can add lime juice to the taste then mix thoroughly.

Pepe is a food that tastes delicious and is effective for increasing appetite. Well, to make it tastier when you eat, you can make timeless chili sauce with the recipe on top. To make Pepe’s taste tastier, try the West Java chicken pepe recipe on top .

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