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Governor and Vice Chairman of  West Java for Office Year 2021

The leadership of the governor and deputy governor of West Java is definitely very important in enforcing the regulations of  their regions.   During his tenure, the  role of leader will be an individual who is considered to implement public policy.   Not  only  that, he should make  the leader  a contributor and  can lead the people  towards progress at a good level.

That fact is, it is imperative to know that the election of leaders is carried out every few years.   This process also goes through the  general  elections  of the heads of state taking into account the practices  directed by private state institutions.  So, for  the duration of the governor’s election it will fight for fairness,  integrity, and integrity in the public interest.

Of course , at each term of office,  the regional heads of state  alternate taking into account the results of the popularly elected  elections.  So far there is a reliable leader who has held the governor’s position in the  West  Java region.   To determine the profile and activities he is performing in full, we will outline in detail detailed data about the leader.

Armed with this information, it is at least understandable what it means to be like to the chairman. When you learn the landscape you will also know the leadership style and achievements achieved during the government’s tenure.  So, please stay educated in advance about the full  outline  of the West  Java regional  leader  in 2021.

Complete  West Java Regional Leader  Profile  in Java Region and Information

According to the   information obtained by  the governor and  the deputy governor of  western  Java, the state leaders come from Bandung.   Having previously succeeded in  becoming mayor, he has now won the provincial election since 2018.   The name  of  the current leader  of  West Java is Ridwan Kamil or more familiarly referred to as Kang Emil.

This leader  of the West Java region  was born in  Bandung on October 4, 1971,  in Bandung.  The level of education is also very high because he  graduated from  bandung  Institute  of  Technology, which specializes in  construction.  The master’s degree is  taken in  the  United States at the University of Berkeley in California.

Before entering politics, Ridwan Kamil was a job as an  engineer and was the  main profession.   As a side career, Kang Emil also worked for an ITB teacher but did not settle down.   From  the start of the government, it turned out that there had  started a stir to  try to get involved in politics.

Before becoming governor  and deputy governor of  West Java, Ridwan Kamil became mayor of Bandung in 2013.   During his tenure,  he continued to  show great developments that could potentially turn the city  around   even better. On each side or on each side, it turned out that they were able to get the city of Bandung the best award.

From  this place,  kang Emil’s name   and  Kang  Emil’s  leadership style began to become known to the wider community.   At the end of  2018, they started to apply  to  the Java regional government in western Java.  As a result, Ridwan Kamil was able to become the permanent and official governor of   the western Java region.

The most complete view and data of the Deputy Leader of West Java Region

Discussions   about the state governor  and  the  deputy  governor of western Java will continue in the landscape towards the  VP.   After the  initial discussion was given detailed information from the state leadership, it is now up to discuss the VP  .   As a government, of course,  it must  be aligned with the leader and his successor, they must cooperate.

Ruzhanul Ulum was born  in  Tasikmalaya on  May 10, 1969  based on his basic symbolism.  Due to  the issue of their academic background , it turns out that Ruzhanul Ulum is a graduate of  Siliwangi University.   Interestingly, Ruzhanul Ulum entered politics   early on than he entered Ridwan Kamil into  his state’s work.

It was noted that since  his inauguration, He was the leader and was an emissary regent in tasikmalaya constituency.   Intriguingly, Uu has  won two seasons since 2011 and continues as a per tahana. Yet in  2018 he preferred to move on to state-level government  .

With the same mindset as  Ridwan Kamil when he appointed the leader of West Java, she became the deputy winner and officially became  his successor.   There are several parties  that  are carrying this law  as representatives  , it is the PPP, Hanura, PKB and Nasdem.  Although Kang Emil  is a  sovereign candidate,  the law has been carried in earnest by four parties in a  row.

In the end, it has now been successfully completed by the governor and  vice-governor of  West Java until the end of their term of  office.  You can find out  more about  what the lead looks like in the lead of the two key characters in the Java West Java region.   Later, the results of ridwan Kamil’s administration and the Ruzhanul Ulum Act will be publicly known.

The positions of the chairman as well as his successor during his administration

After discussing each profile, now you can continue to  understand about the realm. Local leaders must have  a certain obligation established by law for full discharge.   In order to be suited to compete in the legs of the state, it must participate in the guidelines of duty as a leader.

Please be aware that each governor  and vice-governor of   West Java has duties in office  .  Of course, when you understand the  obligations on each side you have to accommodate different government agencies.  For example,  the first  task  to do is to communicate heavily  as well as good  coordination  .

Furthermore, there are Nawa Cita guidelines that can be applied during his tenure as  precisely a  regional leader.   It is important that both the leader and his deputy  help to continue the public process  of living in the state.   Make and make local rules, if a  new case emerges in the policymaking phase.

Based on the main duties held by the governor and vice-chairman of  West Java, it means that they have to do it at the same  time.  Every  step must concentrate on aligning the  public  interest  to  its greatest level in order to advance the common good of the people.   That effort  will be made to increase performance  and performance performance in each community.

It also prohibits a basic ban  that the presidency does not make in the three central ministry regulations.   They are   the transferred employees, the lack of licenses of the previous authorities in the country, and  the conflicting politicization.  Under conditions like this  , it is certain that the cycle of the legs of  the state that holds office from time  to  time  is going well.

Ridwan Kamil’s achievements during his tenure

Since 2018 as a regional head, of course, there should be significant changes and improvements.   All kinds of benefits from which they are derived are  secured to be able to help every  segment  of the community whose activities run smoothly.   If  there  is progress from other  sides ,  other sides may also  have a positive impact.

There were several achievements of the governor and vice-chairman of  West Java during the statehood period  of the best outcome  .   In economic terms, it has turned into being one of the focuses on  investment in the Southeast Asian region.  Many  investors have come in to  provide funds for a variety of unique sectors in Western Java.

According to data  carried out by BKPM, it turns out that the West Java  region  ranks highest among  Indonesia.   As an investment hesitancy zone, West Java has been able to access capital money worth 120.4 trillion rupiah.  Knowing the existence of that large number of numbers, it must be quickly welcomed to be a significant achievement during the state’s existence.

Due to this growth in  investment, the economic sector, including MSMes , is certainly   rising  in rate.   Agricultural sectors are  also able to get maximum production   along with the fields being harvested  and on the quality front will be developed.    If there is such an improvement  , certainly people’s living standards   are towards  a level  of  well-being.

In fact, there are still many other awards and achievements that Ridwan Kamil has achieved on all  sides  .   It is even considered that at the moment Ridwan Kamil is a role model for contemporary regional leaders.   As a result, it should be commended for the achievements of the chairman and vice chairman of  West Java during his tenure.

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