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Manage your flight schedule with the Leon Air Indonesia Communication Center

As Indonesia’s largest airline, we  provide  you with Leon Air Air Communications Center service. We are determined to provide the best service for your flight to be conducted smoothly.    Have you planned  the plague  in  the middle of the continuous Covet-19?

Now scheduling a table cannot only be   performed normally  through calculators at the airport.    Through phone media, everything can be arranged in requests, arrangements, sheet tables, payments, and much more.   Even whenhe can complain about problems if they happen at any time.

All of this is done to protect the safety and safety of customers who use the service faithfully. So it doesn’t have to be everything that’s done face to face. Especially during Covet-19, all face-to-face activities  are performed only on  the limit scale.

If you need to come to the airport to buy tickets for flights in  the  next few days, it is  very difficult. Therefore, for Kamo, who want to travel at home or abroad, arrange your flight schedule by contacting   Leon Air Indonesia  directly through the call centre so that things can be faster, easier and more practical.

Book travel schedules through the Leon Air Communications Center

The  insertion process for  this ticket can be  performed at any time.   Contact our number according to the country whereit is set.   Here’s a list   of numbers you can  connect to.

  1. سەنگافورە : +6563391922
  2. Malaysia : +600378415333
  3. ئینگلیزی : +622163798000
  4. ئوسترالیا : +628041778899

It can  be hajjised  by making sure magic’s destination is still  available  through the Leon Air Communications Center. Then  you can pay  directly through Atms, Banks, M Bank, or I Bank.   When everything is finished, try seeing  the details of our master page page.   Carefully on the details of the booklist.

You can save immediately to the PNR book code,  and  the required personal data.  Do not make mistakes in entering  personal data.  For OR bookcodes, and individual  data  only for books through travel agents  such as  tourists, bly, pig, and examples.

Then click  Continue and everything will be displayed.   Checking and displaying the status of books can be done easily.   Even better, the service is not just limited to online requests.   You also have the right  to book pre-paid bags, Web checks, quick tests, travel insurance, reschedules, payments, and refund requests.

In this way,  you can process all processes associated  with  barriers  that  occur  online  at  any time  without having to access  our  airport account or nearest branch  office  .   However, not all customers understand the operation  of  each of these services. So it’s better to understand the information.

reschedule or reschedule through the Leon Air Communications Center

You can change your flight schedule in time but you must first see the terms. 4 options available, schedule through travel,  lion  sales office  , lion  group office, and call center.   Make sure the   bookcode  and personal data are valid for processing.

The condition of the question is  that  the  application  process for change must be performed hours before departure.   for offices at the airport , at least two hours before departure .  While the Leon Air  Communications Center  is  at least 4:00a.m. ahead of departure . Then  you  have to make sure the ticket type can reschedule the time .

For example,  Promo  tickets in selected events do not provide this reset program.   You also can’t  arrange if you   check in person or online at the airport.  The closer the schedule is, the  more expensive it is to reschedule  so  you’re recommended to  do it three days ago.

If you need  more information  , just call 021-6379 8000 (Indonesia), +65 6339 1922 (Singapore), +60 0378415333 (Malaysia).   You can immediately ask inside and outside how to change the complete table there.   The cost of a  flat  phone   depends on  the used operator.

If it’s difficult  to contact the Leon Air  Contact Center.   Just try going to the nearest branch office.  Each  region already has  multiple  branch offices because we are  asian  airlines   to manage.  You only need to provide bookcodes and then change the table as desired.   The additional payment fee has been adjusted.

bag before paying more appropriately

not only is it restricted to reset flight tables.    You can also get a prepaid bag.  What  is a  prepaid bag?   Prepayment bags  are  a special service  offered by our group.   Without     really  being informed  of  the  bags at    the  airport.   Everything’s been solved there.

It’s just that we arrange that the bookmaking process is performed at least 6 hours before departure.    More cargo  prices  can be seen  on  our homepage.  There  are  also cargo prices for wing air there.   If you want to be another action, just ask  the Leon Air  Communications Center  to be clear.

So what’s the process of requesting?  Easy, just go to the paid bag list on the bookmenu.  Enter  the bookcode  and complete the personal data  . Then choose which bag you need.   Payments can be made directly by copying and pasting real bank transactions  .

didn’t take long for the process.  Until the deal is complete,  the bag is ready.   A command  should not be placed on someone.   You only need to enter the airport by delivering your bag directly to the officer.   All items are monitored by the officer and placed by order  through the Leon  Air  Communications Center.

Cheap speed testing services have only 95,000

You can also test the 19-speed Covid health  test  here  enough  to pay  only  95,000, and  the  health test  process  can be performed.  It  has been  suggested by  the  government   that services offered at this speed are guaranteed.  Low   prices  have remained quality-appropriate

You can take the test without having to go to the health center.  just come to Lyon Air Medica clinics and health facilities that are already  available throughout Indonesia   Working hours  vary in  each region. So you can use these quick   commands at the  same time as  you buy or after.

By  contacting us directly,  you can get tickets and  be  quick at the same time.   However, after buying a ticket,  don’t  wait for you to be able to buy it through a phone notebook.    Further terms and conditions can be obtained by entering our main website directly.

For active passengers, you can get a ticket without  receiving a discount.  However, the conditions must be with a picture or scan in a quick test.   Passengers can register tickets when they are healthy or silent.   On the other hand, non-active passengers   can travel directly.

There are  still many facilities  provided by us as  Indonesia’s largest airline you can get more information by logging in to the website or creating a connection by email.   If you’re still confused,  you  also  have  the  right  to  ask everything through the  Leon Air Indonesia Contact Center  or locally.

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